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People-Based Marketing

People-based marketing leverages technology to market to customers across channels. According to the Consumer Technology Association, 50 percent of people in the United States use a second screen while watching TV. These people may be using a laptop, smart phone, or tablet to occupy themselves during commercials, view social media, stream video, etc. People-Based Marketing enables brands to create a cohesive marketing system, centered around the individual consumer and anchored by the collection of real-time behavioral data combined with first-party brand data.

It is important for marketing professionals and brands to realize technology has changed consumer habits. Their viewing habits and shopping habits are evolving with new technologies, so new marketing strategies are needed to revolve around a customer’s real-time behavior.

Bounce X has identified three key elements that make people-based marketing successful:

1. Identification

Customers and the various devices they use must be identified. Since customers navigate through various devices—laptop computer, tablet, smart phone—it is important to have all of the devices correctly identified or your assumptions about a customer’s behavior could be incorrect and lead to poorly designed marketing strategies to reach the customer. Customers must be identified across channels and devices.

2. Data

In order for a brand to target a customer effectively, data on purchasing habits, device usage, email engagement, website browsing, product viewing, must be used together to strategically target the customer on all devices in the way they want to receive it.

3. Automation

People-based marketing automation relies on people-based targeting. This provides a focused and singular view of all of the data collected on a customer. This allows our marketing strategy to automate the approach across all devices in a single marketing strategy.

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