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Last month the first part of this article laid out several social media trends you should be aware of as you plan the social media part of your media strategy. Below are additional social media trends to consider as you plan your media strategy:

5.) User Backlash will Continue to Grow

The political climate has and around the world have users upset and vocal over social media being a playground for political warfare. Many users feel political advertising should not be a part of social media, so tech executives will need to come up with a solution on how this should be handled. Executives need to carefully watch their audience’s platforms of choice for social media since the political climate will likely change the habits of users based on their own view of where and how politics belongs in social media.

6.) Organizations and Brands will Need to Define their Social Media Maturity

Before an organization/brand can advance their social media presence, they must assess their social media maturity to see where they should advance in their approach.

Below is a sample of an assessment model for social media maturity from Risk Point through

7.) Social Media will Dominate B2B Content Marketing

Social media has been the dominant distribution channel for B2B content and will continue to be the primary channel for content marketing. Marketing professionals must remember to have a strategy for each social media outlet based on the needs of the audience using that specific social media—one size does not fit all.

8.) Messaging App Usage will Continue to Grow

The use of Messaging apps will continue to grow while public social media will decline.Messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Snapchat, etc., bring new marketing opportunities to reach Millennials and Generation Z as an audience and consumer.

The most successful use of social media will identify where consumers are, what outlets they are they using, and how they want to communicate.

*Leap, Megan, Convince & Convert, The Biggest Social Media Trends for 2020. October 30, 2019.

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