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As you are looking to plan your media strategy for 2020, it is important to keep in mind the biggest social media trends for 2020. So whether you are building your strategy in-house or working with a marketing firm, it is important to be aware of how your plan addresses the following trends:

1.) Social Media will Return to its Roots

Social Media will return to a more personal, communication-driven approach. Social media will be more about inspiring and intimate stories that reach out to an individual rather than a large mass of people. It will be more a 1:1 approach so an individual connects to the messaging because they will feel that the message is for them, not for a large group. Private interactions will take place and not public ones.

2.) Authentic Influence Marketing

Audiences do not want a forced relationship or partnership because their favorite celebrity is endorsing a product. They want authenticity and genuine relationships from the marketing. Audiences are wary of influencer endorsements since they feel they take advantage of impressionable audiences.

3.) Brands Need a Human Voice

You need to go back to basics and just be human in your messaging. Remember what your audiences loved about you and your products in the first place. It is just plain and simple, just be human when you message; you do not need all the bells and whistles that confuse what you want the audience to know and feel.

4.) Social Media will be a Part of Everyone’s Job

Social media is no longer just something you look at and respond to during your lunch break; it is a part of everyone’s job.It is a tool that everyone in the company should be using to conduct business.It is now a proficiency and job skill you will be required to have.

Source: Leap, Megan, Convince & Convert, The Biggest Social Media Trends for 2020. October 30, 2019.

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