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Technology isn’t only for keeping our business and ourselves in check; it is now keeping our health in check

We have become accustomed to using Apple, Amazon, and other technology to run our businesses, social media, entertainment, and personal lives. Now these same technology leaders are looking to keep us healthy and move into the health care arena. Here are just a few examples of how these companies are moving into health care:

The Apple Watch Series 4 added electrocardiogram monitoring, also known as ECG and EKG. It records your heartbeat and rhythm and then checks the reading for atrial fibrillation (AFib). Since the release of the watch, there have been numerous stories of people’s lives being saved because of the Apple watch and Apple health initiatives.

Amazon Alexa, MD—this year Amazon released six new HIPPA-compliant skills to help people manage their health care with a virtual assistant. Amazon has collaborated with six health care companies to build the skills for their customers to use. The organizations can build applications that allow Alexa to transfer and protect health information to their health care providers. Customers must remember that Alexa can’t replace a real doctor, the technology is brand new and may have kinks to work out, and that customers still have privacy concerns.

Comcast wants to bring a health care platform to your TV. It has partnered with the parent company of Independence Blue Cross, Independence Health Group, to improve health care delivery. The initial pilot will allow patients to access information about their health care on their TV with a Comcast app. The app will initially be for patients who are experiencing a health condition, recovering from a surgery, or need a health care service. Comcast is looking to partner with other companies such as Amazon to enhance their app.

The health care industry is wide open for technology companies to move in and complement the services already available. The key for future success and innovation in health care is collaboration.

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