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The One Marketing Debate that Should Never Exist

Before Digital Marketing became the powerhouse that it is today, it was first viewed as the wild child in the marketing world. There would be bizarre banner ads and keyword-filled web pages everywhere with users confused on how to interact. But oh how the tables have turned! It’s now popular to applaud the accomplishments of digital marketing and label traditional marketing as its much boring, older sibling. In reality, there is no right or wrong to these two important types of marketing. Here’s why.

Close your eyes and think of a billboard you recently passed; now think of a commercial or magazine ad. If you can think of even just one ad, I can assure you that traditional marketing is still alive. In fact, traditional marketing is not going anywhere until television, paper, and commutes are no longer a part of daily life. But of course, with the popularity of digital marketing, traditional marketing is taking a hit.

Successful marketing requires a business to connect to its customers in the most effective way. Given the fact that the majority of individuals are spending their time on the Internet, it makes the most sense to connect to them while using it. The idea is to get out there and gain exposure. Once more people know of your website, your brand, and the products you sell, the more acquainted they become with your intentions. This, in turn, leads to close relationships and long-lasting customers--all thanks to digital marketing.

But nevertheless, the separation of digital and traditional marketing can be blurry. For example, take a commercial that plays on TV and before a YouTube clip. Is this digital or traditional? What about an ad inside of an eBook? It’s time to change the way we think of these two channels. It’s unfair to say that one is better or more effective than the other. Each form of marketing has its own important role to play in the ever-changing marketing world. As a marketer, is imperative to determine what roles those are and how to use them successfully.

If you ever find yourself not sure of which channel to use, start with your target audience. Understand them in such depth that you understand their preferred channels and let that be the guide for all of your decisions.

“Stop thinking digital and traditional. Think customer service, and think results.” –

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