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Netflix and Millennials

Born in 1997, along with us other millennials, Netflix also entered the scene. It has matured immensely over the years. Studies suggest younger viewers, like millennials, watch more Netflix than anything on live TV. How exactly is Netflix able to capture these 158 million subscribers over the years? Personalizing advertisements, using technology to track customer's behavior, creating original material, and existing on multiple devices has helped their success.

Trying it fit in with other millennials, Netflix uses a casual voice when interacting with their audience. By tweeting how we tweet, talking about relatable situations, and using slang like “brb,” Netflix can capture our attention and advertise through a more authentic approach.

Netflix is always encouraging their audience to share shows and movies with their friends. By tying in social media, they can spread their content across different platforms which allows them to attract other millennials. If your friend watches Stranger Things, would you?

Growing up watching TV, most millennials have sat through their fair share of commercials. Netflix eliminates the waiting time and has spoiled us--viewers no longer need to sit through any commercials. This is one of the biggest aspects that draws most people, especially millennials, to watch Netflix. I personally thought it was the greatest invention to be able to fast forward through them. Some TV channels are even trying to be more like Netflix by decreasing commercial time to draw back younger viewers.

There is no need to wait until the next week for another suspenseful episode to air. With every episode available at our fingertips and no commercials keeping us waiting, we can binge-watch our favorite shows uninterrupted.

Another force driving millennials to Netflix is the fact that they are producing their own original content. Some of these series have become the talk of the town like Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things. Another popular Netflix original is Black Mirror's Bandersnatch. This show has an interactive aspect where the viewers choose what the character should do next. Audience involvement allows for Netflix to gather data involving the viewers' behavior, decision-making skills, and other preferences to be able to personalize their marketing and future choices. This interaction also creates a sense of competition and suspense pushing the audience's desire to partake and be able talk about their results with their peers.

Netflix has catered to the millennials…they relate to us through tweeting and create popular, interactive, culture specific, interesting, and socially-relevant issues in their original movies/shows. Simply, there’s something for everyone.

Have you jumped on the Netflix bandwagon yet?

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