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Paid Search - The King Of Advertising

Paid Search has made up 40% of digital advertising spend throughout 2019, and the trend is looking to continue to increase. But why is Paid Search receiving this much money for advertising? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

  • Quality Traffic – Paid Search campaigns are built around targeting specific keywords and search terms (yes there is a difference). So if digital advertising as a whole is moving towards targeting the best possible audience for your product, then wouldn’t users actually searching for your product be your best customers? Short answer is…

  • Geotargeting – Yes, all of digital advertising can be targeted at the Geo level. In fact, only print and digital are the only two mediums with that capability. So if we are going to tie this into the first bullet, then targeting specific users searching for your product in your target area is another great way to drive great traffic and new users to the site. It’s essentially advertising with super powers.

  • Acquisition – Probably the best platform to acquire new users is Paid Search. Again, lets look back at these bullets. Quality traffic and Geotargeting. There are X amount of people that do not know who your brand is and where you are located, but they are interested in your product. Bid on their search terms and get your name in front of their eyeballs! These are brand new users that are super qualified--not unwanted clicks from mobile advertising campaigns.

New users are coming……

Now you can take your digital campaign to the next level. Acquire high quality traffic by bidding on keywords and search terms that your company offers and then what do you do? Build a brand new audience list to retarget to. Retargeting (outside of Branded Paid Search Campaigns) has the highest Conversion Rate with the lowest CPA’s. These users already know your brand because of your search campaign and now you can get them to convert!

Good luck to all on your future digital advertising adventures and remember to always include Paid Search!

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