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From Broadway to Universal Media, Inc.

My name is Alex Rockey, and I am the Promotions Intern at Universal Media for Summer 2019. Starting out at Universal Media, I have had one of the most welcoming and educational experiences I have ever had come out of an internship.

I am currently studying Theatrical Production Design in New York City at Pace University, while also getting into the promotional and management side of theatre as well. I have been asked how an internship with a media company can benefit a Production Design major, and my answer is—“A lot!!!”

Since I am interested in learning about the promotional and management side of theatre, I need to know about advertising, marketing, digital and social media use for a business. I have been able to relate so many things that I’ve learned in college so far to allow me to achieve success when performing tasks--thinking how every promotion and advertisement affects the consumer and how a product can be best sold to everyone listening or viewing.

My Promotions internship has taught me to wander through Times Square, seeing buses and taxis, and notice billboards, digital billboard and more, everywhere in New York City training me to have an eye for product placement and noticing how clients want their goods to be displayed to the consumer. I have been taught by my mentor and supervisor to approach with professionalism, to allow the client to receive as much satisfaction as we are able to provide, and to hope to make for a great outcome and positive response from the consumer. This is just like how each performance of a Broadway show drives the theatregoers to receive joy and entertainment.

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