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New Facebook Features

Facebook’s advertising platform is forever changing and evolving. There are three new features that rolled out that I am particularly excited about. First, images can now be turned into videos. For smaller businesses especially, high-quality videos are expensive and time-consuming to produce. Now you can engage your audience with a “video” that is simply comprised of different images that you have the ability to add different customizable effects to. It’s a pretty cool and simple way to create eye-catching advertising that’s outside of your normal static banner ads.

The other two new additions are somewhat interrelated, dealing with Facebook’s placement options. For those not familiar with Facebook’s placement options, it’s a combination of apps and services that are the vehicles in serving your ads.

Placements include:



Instant Articles

In-stream videos

Right column






Audience Network

Native, banner and interstitial

In-stream videos

Rewarded videos



Sponsored messages

There are two options in utilizing placement, automatic and manual. Choosing manual allows you to hand-select where you want your ads to be placed. Automatic placement lets Facebook do its magic by maximizing your budget and showing your ads to not only more people, but the right people. Facebook's delivery system allocates your ad set's budget across multiple placements based on where they're likely to perform best.

*Facebook just recently added Facebook Stories and Marketplace into the placement options. Since the inception of Snapchat, most social platforms have realized the value in integrating story elements for users. Story options have become wildly popular, so this is a great way to encourage interaction with brands, products and services in a very crowded advertising space. The Marketplace advertising option is a nice addition because in the US more than 1 in 3 people on Facebook use Marketplace monthly.

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