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Social Media Marketing: The Potential in Pinterest

Few ingredients in your fridge but looking for a new recipe? Pinterest it…

Looking for outfit inspiration? Pinterest it…

Want to mix up your workout routine? Pinterest it…

Need to spice up your living space with new home decor? Pinterest it…

The above is a very tiny snapshot of what the 250 million monthly active users, including myself, utilize Pinterest for. The social platform has proved to be less about keeping in touch with peers and more about discovery and utilizing findings. In fact, “98% of Pinterest users report having tried something they found on Pinterest and 84% claim they use it to help them decide what to buy” (SEMruch Blog). Here lies a MAJOR opportunity for marketers; yet, Pinterest is often overlooked as a marketing platform by other popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, which all play major roles in marketing strategies. But, the undervalued Pinterest has higher market saturation in the US than both Twitter and Snapchat, offering very promising potential as a discovery channel.

An even more promising stat is that 97% of the most popular searches on Pinterest are non-branded. More than 175 billion items pinned leaves a whole lot of room to get products, services, and content in the hands of a highly-engaged audience with demonstrated intent.

Marketers, are you ready to give Pinterest a try? To learn more about the algorithms behind Pinterest and best practices, you can read more from the SEMrush Blog here:

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