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Behind the Curtain of Connected TV

Over the past couple of years, the proliferation of fragmented content consumption has made life a lot more difficult on marketers and media buyers. Consumers now program their entire day through different devices and outlets, making it harder than ever to build effective reach and frequency. While the influx of ad technology has assisted, the increased regulations on data collection has made it harder to find that needle in the haystack. Chances are, if you’ve worked with Universal Media, you’ve heard our planners and strategists hammer home the term ‘unduplicated reach.’ If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with the great team at UMI, unduplicated reach simply looks at delivering media across platforms to grow unique audience reach. For example, a cord-cutter cannot be reached through Linear TV; therefore, to increase unduplicated reach there must be an

additional platform which connects with that consumer – Connected TV!

Although there are more platforms and placements to cover, this article is going to focus on an overview of all things Connected TV (CTV) and OTT (Over-The-Top). While Linear TV is still important, the CTV market is at a tipping point for brands.

So what exactly is CTV? First, it’s important to understand each aspect of a CTV buy. Our friends and great partners at dataxu – a software company that helps marketing professionals use data to improve their advertising – lay it out perfectly.

  • Connected TV – television content that a viewer accesses via a streaming internet connection

  • Advanced TV – a catch-all category covering TV advertising that is sold on an impression basis

  • Addressable TV – lets advertisers target specific ads to individually selected households through set-top boxes

  • Programmatic Linear TV – purchased through an automated platform and delivered via set-top boxes

  • OTT – film or video content that is delivered to a connected device over the internet, outside of the closed networks of telecom and cable providers

So where does a marketer go from here? How does a brand connect with cord-cutters, cord-shavers, and cord-nevers? While all of our secrets won’t be revealed in this article, it’s extremely important to have a thorough understanding of targeting, attribution, scale, KPI selection and frequency management throughout the entire buy. For example, you’ve probably been streaming on Watch ESPN and have been delivered the same ad multiple times in the same ad pod. That’s a poor experience for the consumer and wasted dollars for a brand.

While CTV may be new to a lot of brands, it’s not the future. It’s here now. As I stated previously, Linear TV isn’t going away. But brands better have a strategy in place today that integrates CTV and Linear TV together because building unduplicated reach is the foundation of any great media plan.

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