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YouTube Bumper Ads

In today’s day and age there are multiple ways to get your brand’s information in front of the right consumers. SEM, display advertising, TV and Facebook just to name a few. YouTube was bought by Google in October of 2006 and began serving InVideo ads in August 2007. Since then, YouTube has expanded their ad formats to include display ads, pre-roll, post-roll and the newest format-- bumper ads.

Bumper ads were rolled out to advertisers in 2016. This format allows advertisers to create unskippable content in short-form ads that are used to compliment an already existing TrueView campaign. Let’s dive into exactly what they are, how do you use them, and why do they work?

What are bumper ads?

Bumper ads are short-form video ads that are played before the video that the user will be engaging with. These videos must be 6 seconds or shorter and viewers cannot skip your ad. Bumper ads use a CPM (Cost Per Thousand) pricing model rather than the traditional CPV (Cost Per View) model.

How can you use bumper ads?

Bumper ads work best when complimenting an already existing TrueView campaign and can help increase brand awareness about your brand. One of the best strategies for using bumper ads is to try and make the content contextually relevant to the viewer. For example, a grocery store could highlight holiday meals or recipes that are available on the website and target users who have interest in cooking, baking or users who are family-focused.

Why do bumper ads work?

Bumper ads are a great way to increase brand awareness when they are paired with any other type of digital advertising campaign. Being able to target specific topics, placements or audiences on YouTube is highly effective for this type of campaign. The main reason these ads work is because they are unskippable so the user has to watch the content; however, they are videos that last only 6 seconds so the content that is being displayed needs to get the advertisers most prominent information in front of the user quickly. Bumper ads are a great way to get your most important message in front of your viewers and ensure your content has been heard.

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