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Black and White and Read All Over…Print Dead?

For the past decade, experts in the marketing industry have predicted and expressed misleading opinions about print media. There is a common misconception that digital marketing is making print advertising irrelevant. The digital age has taken the world by storm in these past years, changing with it the way business is conducted as well as how consumers are reached. However, print advertising continues to be an increasingly important element in marketing strategies. There’s no doubt that ignoring digital altogether is going to limit your marketing reach, but the same clearly goes for ignoring print.

With the decline in print circulation, newspapers and advertisers must now scrutinize methods and alternatives for reaching consumers. As an agency, using data and research with a combination of both print and digital marketing strategies have helped generate more exposure, additional opportunities for consumer engagement, and greater returns on marketing investments. Both in B2C and B2B, customers often use a combination of digital and print for different purposes. To be successful, retailers must utilize multiple touchpoints across print and digital channels to reach their best shoppers and attract new customers. Understanding your consumers and their touchpoints is vital in developing a holistic media plan--utilizing digital not only as a primary platform but as a compliment to the print program. Deploying the right tactics is critical to the accomplishment of any strategy; using the power of print and digital integrated as a marketing mix is just one effective approach we gain for our clients. Statistics have proven 79% of consumers have an immediate AND positive reaction to printed material. In 2017, Nielsen studied consumer behavior and how households use different media channels/sources to look at information about products, items, and/or sales available at stores. The survey confirmed many shoppers still use circulars for shopping as well as viewing items online.

Print marketing is rapidly changing, and the introduction of the internet altered much of the marketing industry. However, it is alive and breathing; retailers need to be mindful of its effectiveness and develop an optimal media mix to drive maximum ROMI.

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