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LinkedIn Introduces Carousel Ads

This article is in response to LinkedIn Introduces Carousel Ads For Sponsored Content.

LinkedIn has recently introduced carousel ads for Sponsored content. Carousel ads allow advertisers to feature multiple visual elements that people can swipe through while they are on the LinkedIn feed. This change follows social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In a single carousel ad, you can feature a swipe able series of up to 10 cards, and you can customize each card. Advertisers now have the flexibility to share more content and create higher-quality interactions with their audience. With carousel ads advertisers can tell a complete brand story, allowing them to showcase multiple offerings, or provide insights for your audience. The ads will command the attention of a professional audience, drawing in the decision-makers that matter most to their business with eye-catching visuals that invite interaction on desktop and mobile devices. Carousel ads can raise brand awareness and consideration, sending traffic to landing pages, and acquire quality leads with LinkedIn.

Virginia Sharma, Director Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India, said, “Behind every decision-maker is a real person, and Carousel Ads for Sponsored Content let you play around with eye-catching and interactive imagery to show off your brand’s personality, tell a deeper story, and improve engagement with that decision-maker. Humanizing the brand is key for B2B marketers today, and Carousel Ads are the natural evolution in LinkedIn’s marketing offerings that can be leveraged at every stage of the buyer journey. This new offering allows multiple visuals for creative storytelling and brings your B2B brand stories to life.”

Since the launch of the carousel ads on LinkedIn more then 300 advertisers have used carousel ads to create campaigns. LinkedIn also set up a webpage that describes how to setup carousel ads for two different campaign objectives. The first one, sends people to the brand’s website or content. The second collects leads using LinkedIn lead generation forms.

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