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Optimizing AdWords Campaigns Without Conversions

Picture this. You just landed a new client, and they want you to create an AdWords account. WOOHOO! You gather all the keywords, build them into ad groups, and create beautiful and engaging ad copy. But then you find out that they do not have any part of their website that could track conversions. How the heck can you optimize without conversions? There is no CPA (cost per acquisition), no ROI (return on investment), there is nothing!

So how can we track this campaign and ensure reliable results? Never fear my friend; feast your eyes on the steps listed below.

1.) Gather engagement information – click through rates

First off, we need to see how the campaign is performing from an engagement standpoint. If we have low engagement, then it becomes very difficult to optimize. So, the first thing we need to make sure of is we are gathering in enough data to make optimizations.

2.) Search terms reporting

The search terms report might be the most under-utilized tool on the AdWords interface; it is also the most powerful tool. You can see exactly what users are typing in when they receive your ad. When you dive into the search terms report, make sure you filter by cost. That way you can look at the search terms that are costing you the most money.

From there we want to find negative keywords. Negative keywords are keywords that show up in search terms that you do not want your brand presenting ads too. For example, if I am advertising for a baseball spike company, I do not want my ad showing up when somebody searches basketball shoes.

You can also find new keywords in these reports. Discover search terms that you did not find when you were researching while you created your campaign.

3.) Google Analytics – Keyword Reports

Another powerful keyword report you can look at is within Google Analytics. Simply sync your AdWords account with your Analytics account and see what types of keywords are driving high quality traffic. Key metrics to look at here are bounce rate and pages per session.

Great job! You are now ready to start optimizing those campaigns without conversions. But make sure you keep fighting with that web developer to start tracking!

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