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Company Culture: Finding Your Passion

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UMI partner Rick Jones made a very powerful comment that has resonated with me since the beginning of my career at UMI. He said, “I believe strongly that we all need to define ourselves outside of these four walls. I really encourage everybody to find a purpose bigger than this.” He went on to explain that finding what you’re most passionate about in life will completely fulfill you and will transcend into everything else you do, giving even the most mundane aspects of life more meaning.

I have found this to be representative of the employees and culture at Universal Media. While UMI is a very community, service-oriented company with high numbers of involvement, employees are also extremely engaged outside of the office; and as a result, our company culture is rich because of it. We have countless employees who donate their time to charities and events that are near and dear to their hearts (see Patty Piro’s blog post on the Vickie’s Angel Walk), but we also have people fueling their passions in other ways.

My understanding of passion is that it is the energy that keeps us going and keeps us filled with meaning, happiness, excitement, and anticipation. Passion is crucial to accomplishing goals and experiencing both work and life to the absolute fullest extent possible. One of my biggest passions in life is basketball. I enjoyed a long-playing career from kindergarten through college; and, after I graduated, I felt like there was a big piece of me missing that couldn’t be filled by watching the sport on TV. My passion now lives on in the form of coaching and teaching the game. I am part-owner of a basketball skill and game development company - Unleashed Potential.

At Unleashed we do numerous things to benefit our community and local athletes - my favorite being our Annual Free Basketball Clinic. This October we held our 4th Annual Free Basketball Clinic where we packed the gym with 80 kids for a day of learning and fun. Each athlete left with a free camp t-shirt and basketball. Instilling my love for basketball in others is what fuels my fire daily.

As the words of Rick Jones have resonated with me and so many others at UMI, I encourage you to find and pursue your passion in life!

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