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Employee Appreciation

As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” One of the best parts of working at UMI is the company-wide events. UMI takes great pride in providing employees with opportunities to relax and have fun. Events are held throughout the year as a way for UMI to show appreciation for its employees. One of the favorite events is the Halloween costume celebration. Each year employees are invited to dress up in a costume of their choosing. For every person who does so, UMI makes a donation to a local non-profit organization that provides financial help to families and individuals fighting cancer.

Perhaps the most popular event is the much-anticipated yearly Christmas party. Universal goes the extra mile to create a fun-filled night for employees and their spouses/significant others. The party has had many themes and special performances over the years that have created many memories amongst employees. Everyone looks forward to this night every year.

These events create a culture of thanking employees, which in turn helps build employee morale and workplace performance. These events reflect the overall success of the company. By allowing employees to feel a part of that success, it strengthens loyalty and reduces staff turnover.

These company-wide events also help to develop a strong sense of community within and outside the walls of UMI. They provide an opportunity for the owners and employees to communicate on a personal level rather than just a business level. These get-togethers bring employees from all departments together in the same space and time, and they help to create a sense of camaraderie and foster friendships that carry over into their personal lives. They contribute to the positive, family-oriented atmosphere that is apparent the moment you walk inside UMI’s doors.

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